Just upgraded from comcast to centurylink

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by Sprout, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Speedtest-comcast-centurylink comparison.png
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    Centurylink has a great promo. Install and modem for free and just $65/mth for gigabit service for life. Comcast does the 'sign up with contract for a year and we'll discount you from $85 to $65'. I've been lazy the last couple of years but finally got to it since the quarantine has everyone using internet from home and my response time dropped significantly.

    I now have a static IP but am a noob when it comes to securing it.

    What are the best practices?

    Also, my goal was to have a better response time with my broker's trading software. Is there anything that needs to be configured to have it have a better response time? With the current volatility, the DOM is very jumpy. Currently I connect through their web app.

  3. No, having a faster internet connection is not going to make you a better trader. You need to look at other ways to improve your trading besides blaming it on the internet connection...
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    I did the CenturyLink gigabit fiber upgrade from Brighthouse Cable about 9 months ago and it's been awesome. No issues whatsoever. Aside from the standard practices of making sure you don't have any open ports aside from the necessary ones for internet usage, I don't think there would be any additional security settings required just because your IP is static vs. dynamic like it was before.
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    That’s funny in so many ways.
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    I run a skyminer through port forwarding and thinking of spinning up a BTC node, my router is where I would be looking for these settings, correct? Tbh, I don’t keep a lot of network engineering stuff in my head.

    Do you use any sort of VPN?
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    Yeah, those would be the settings in your router. I don't use a VPN.
  8. Bankruptcy... at the speed of light?
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    Best is Lan cable connected to modem,
    follow by Mesh.
    Then powerline adaptor.
    Then wifi extenders and those things.

    with the current volatility,
    even with good internet speed, powerful gaming PC wouldn't fix my
    lousy charting software lagging problem.
    luckily my DOMs and trading platforms are fine.
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