just turned 50

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  1. well a day later and a dollar short (after my
    birthday) I found that a lawyer friend is moving to
    new York after winning a litigation settlement from,
    none other than George Soros.
    She is now rich... She fought cancer and lived and from pauper to a rich person she became, and now off she goes. I have one less friend in this parts....(in california)
    I must admit and a little jealous and filled with envy
    and resentment towards her.
    I have known her for 7 years (at one point we were quite close) and she lived in San Francisco.
    She settled her affairs with her estranged
    husband and off she goes with some young male bimbo who will
    go to school in New York. She is my age mind
    you...anyway I have no feeling towards her because I
    have dumped her (did I say we had a little affair
    So here I am writing to you about this strange affair
    feeling sorry for myself not because I love her but I am just jealous which is a sentiment I resent in others....
    go figure....
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    Gosh, why are you posting this on ET??? You should speak with someone close to you anbout it.

    And - I suppose you are trading - the only advice I like to give is: Stop trading for a while or trade very small. Experiences like this will affect trading. And you should protect yourself against it.
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    Sorry, forgot to say:

    Happy birthday!

    The old russian writers described heros in their novels often as " a man in his best years, just 53 years young and he is going to marry now the duchess of ...", a 19 year old kid.

    So, life just started (with some more expericences)

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    50 years is a long time r ur now eligble for aarp benifits?
    plenty of fish in the sea
    go find another
  5. well it is not a rational thinking and people who know me would not know her all the same. Only my current wife knows the whole story.
    The story is somewhat fascinating.
    After I got married, she got married to a man she met on some dating service. This guy had some health problems and became 100-percent disabled at which point she got tired of him and put him out. She settled with Soros to be able to get divorced and settle. So the bright side of the story is that one man (husband) got his San Francisco Victorian house back at least his daughter will get what rightfully hers. She is a piece of work.....lawyers... you cannot live without them and you cannot kill them....

    P.S. I've quit trading for good.....
    I have posted this because when she deposed Soros she asked me if I wanted to come along and speak in Hungarian to him or something like that...people on this board either adore or loath Soros, so it is a story....
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    well at least theirs always your aarp benifits
  7. Share your feelings with us. I suspect no one here knows your real name and there is no harm done. I think it is important that you experience all your feelings. Maybe your feelings resonate within us also.

    The idea is that if we experience feelings in this forum (or anywhere else) then we might not act them out when trading. Trading can be a very expensive place to experience feelings.

    I am 51 years of age and find the age feeling delightful. I am not in control of anything and find the lack of control feeling delightful, even liberating. My trading is designed to follow the changes. I have no complaints. My life is nice now.
  8. What was the nature of her legal case against Soros?
  9. Some of Soros' myriad of dummy corporations did some price fixing in terms of international raw materials trade - the plaintiff were a Philippines based trading Co. I suspect Soros did not even know about this only some underlings did something stupid...however it was payday to the other party....
    The reason she got the case 'cause she is in the BAR in CA and NYC as well.....
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    andras...so why quit trading?
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