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  1. humble


    hi all,

    trying to become serious about trading.

    strategy 1
    I'm focusing on just trading SPY. the idea is to have a high focus on one thing and get a feel for it. trading only 20 SPY per trade so the PnL should not effect me and I can concentrate on learning market behaviour and executing trades.

    strategy 2 (just an idea right now)
    playing momentum breakouts in strong/weak stocks. looking on the gainers/losers and trying to play continuation.

    lets see if this will be just another journal vanishing within weeks...
  2. humble


    strategy 1 stats so far (16 trades)

    win/loss ratio: 2,12
    profit factor: 1,27
    PnL/shares: 0,4 cent

    PnL chart (per 1 share)
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  3. humble


    had a short bias going into the trading day, market was stronger than expected but not strong enough for my afternoon long
  4. humble


    forgot the chart

  5. vinc


    that's a good one! feeling your way for success :) you'd better send you money directly to Mr Simons and start feeling for some other business..
    good luck though as you will need plenty of it :D
  6. humble


    Did no trades on Friday because I had no idea how to play the down gap so I just watched the market.

    I'm thinking about altering my strategy 1 a little bit. Instead of only playing setups in SPY I could create a very small basket of some ETFs or stocks (3-4, high volume, high vola) and take longs only in the strongest and shorts only in the weakest.

    Is somebody trading in such a way? Did it improve your consistency?
  7. Handle123


    Do you have a Trading Plan? Cause if you can't trade one instrument, more of them will only make it worse. It is my experiences that each index or stock or futures has it's own personality, and using the exact same method doesn't always work exactly the same way on each instrument. I can't trade Silver exactly the same way I trade ES.

    I don't know how much experience you have, but guessing you might want to consider simming long time till you can answer all questions you might have.
  8. humble


    You might be right. Should not play around with trading methods until I researched them.

    Regarding sim trading, I tried this but had to realise that I'm much more committed in the management and analysis of a trade if I do it for real. Though I'm trading small size.
  9. humble


    Did 5 trades this week. 2 winners and 3 losers.

    To make trading results of different stocks and methods comparable I normalized PnL to 1$ risked in a trade.

    SPY trading is doing ok. Stocks trading is losing money. The 3 biggest losses in stocks were caused by a) holding a position into fed minutes b) holding a daytrade overnight c) shorted strong upside momentum.
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  10. humble


    best trade this week
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