Just to thank you, and regrettably say goodbye

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  1. I've been here on ET for 10 years, but must end my visits due to an unexpected development which can not be remedied. While I've not contributed much to ET, I have enjoyed reading many posts over the years, and sincerely thank those who provided me with that enjoyment. And most of all I would like to thank Baron for making ET available to the world of traders.

    Lastly I would like to say to those who are willing to spend the time and effort, that a serious study of old school TA should produce the results that would make such study more than worthwhile. I'm saying that based on 40+ years of experience.
    Please, trust me on that.

    Wishing the best to all of you,
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    Good luck in all things learner2007.
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  4. Robert Morse

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    Good luck to you. Feel free to contact me directly if I can help in anyway
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  5. I don't mean to pry, or pry too much, but can you elaborate on exactly in detail of why you are leaving, or quitting, o_O
    You can't just briefly mention it and leave. and give a creepy...vague...spook tease,

    Did you suffer a catastrophic trading loss, or health loss,...of some sort,
    A family emergency of some sort, -- or are you going to prison...of some sort, because of financial crimes
    Talk costs nothing, and dreams are free. A good conversation is like a chess game. Stimulates your mind more than a movie.
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    I'm extremely sorry to hear it. I've very much enjoyed talking with you here, both on the board and privately, and wish you nothing but well.
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  7. Best of luck to you learner2007, hope that everything works out for you.
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    Peace, strength, and Godspeed.
    You will be missed.:fistbump:
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    If he wanted to detail the reasons, he would have in his original post. Leave him alone. Respect his privacy.
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    I also love TA, but too many times TA didn't love me in return!

    Good luck and best wishes!
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