Just The Facts

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  1. This report examines the data behind President Bush's claim that he has made America Safer. The report concludes that "the numbers don't lie -- the Bush strategy is not working.

    The study finds that across the board, the numbers show that the Bush approach is failing

    The Bush Defense Record By The Numbers.pdf
  2. "Ma'am".

    Its compulsory dude, someone had to do it........
  3. Here are some facts:
    Iran would be pursueing nukes regardless!
    N. Korea would be firing missles regardless!
    There have been no terrorist attacks on U.S. Soil since 9/11!
    I'm no fan of the president, but to blame him for events that have been in motion for decades is pure partisanship which serves no purpose other than to give the radicals on both sides of the isle something to yak about.