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  1. Was hopeing for a little advice and hope it is an appropriate question for this room.I am looking to invest for the first time.I will be starting with 3000 and have a few picks in mind.qtww,chd.Was also thinking about takeing a look at some of the Canadian pipe line stalk.Am I close to being on trak here ? Is there something else I should be looking at?
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. investing???? you are in the wrong place.
  3. You sound so much like someone else did here recently..someone from a casino or somewhere like that...

    You know, one of those pump and dump characters :mad:
  4. Hope not.I am moveing part of my mutual funds into a self directed RRSP which allows me to invest in the market.Wasnt happy with the way the mutual funds were developing and want to try something differnt.Being a RRSP fund it is intended for the long turm.No quick dumps here.But do like the idea of haveing more control over my investment unlike the mutual fund.Can anyone point me to a message board more suited to my type of question?
    Thank you
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  6. AKK Thats not me :eek: Was only looking for some info before makeing my first investments.Being new I though seeking advice in this type of forum might be a good way to avoid a mistake.Or maybe have something pointed out.Maybe this noob might be better off looking up info on "How to invest". My intentions are honest.
  7. Corey ...

    Take a year or so off from investing/speculating/trading and study, study, study.

    Find your "knack" and get with a mentor.

    And DON'T buy every book in sight ... there are a few good books about what you inquired. Many books / seminars / publications / "others opinions"/ etc., will sell you what "tickles your ears".

    BTW, a broker isn't a mentor, neither is anyone else out there in left field.

    Save your money until you know yourself.

    ET ~
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    Long-term on this board is generally three or four weeks. Short-term can often be measured in milliseconds.


    There is a start for you. Beware of message boards touting quick returns. They are not what you want when you cannot replenish your capital when you lose. I'm assuming a RRSP is similar to our USA IRA accounts with limited contributions each year. In my opinion you should spread your $C3,000 over 3 to 5 stocks.

    Good Luck.
  10. Thank you for all the info.I have a few in mind but realy need to know "what makes a good stalk" Also what %can be set aside for a "high risk" iinvestment and what % should be set with a longer term goal in mind.I guess the question of what makes a "good stalk" can draw as many answers as people asked.I am sure however there are some key things to look for.
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