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  1. Having developed a number of killer trading systems that I use in the forex, I want to take them to the stock market.

    Years ago I spent 3-mos in the NASDAQ daytrading (before the new "pattern daytrader" rules kicked in) before running my account into an oncoming train because I had no idea how to trade. :D

    Well, now I have 2-years trading money under my belt in the forex and my systems are very effective.

    I opened up a demo stock trading account.

    The stocks I want to trade need to be:

    Highest volume/volatility.

    Up to $30.

    Listed on the NASDAQ (unless they are highly-traded on other exchanges).

    All suggestions for ticker symbols are appreciated!

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  3. Nope, just ticker symbols, thanks.
  4. SIRI is the stock you are looking for.
  5. I am now trading the high volume, no uptick rule, nazdaq stocks.
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    you are pricing it too low.
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    I agree it's too cheap, you can make the money back in 1 trade!
  8. If you follow SIRI could you or anyone explain something to me please....Last week I purchased Sept $7.50 Calls once I saw the stock closed above $6.00 for the first time in a long time...I then noticed very heavy vol..one day over 90 Million if I am not mistaken but yet the stock is like stuck all day within a few cents.....what does it mean when a stock with such heavy vol stays in such a tight range during the day? Is that what they call churning? , whatever that is..
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    My approach to daytrading is looking for stocks that are moving or better than average activity on the day then I look at my charts, indicators and l2 and choose whether or not to make a move. Some people do choose one stock to follow, and some are successful, but I chose a different route.
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    Can-Slim Harpo
    Like most of stocks in QQQQ;
    its liquid and could make a case either bull/bear this year.

    [+] candle usually mean bulls-bears are even , for that day.

    Put it simple,Just closed out QQQQ in the money downtrend, friday, mostt of ttrends this year have been down in QQQQ;
    however SIRI, like homebuilders, oil/gas companys are
    bull market uptrending AND above 50 day moving average persistantly.

    Wisdom is the principal thing-solomon,trader king.:cool:
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