Just starting, any info on Online Trading Academy ??

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by traderclay, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Any info on the (Online Trading Academy) with 7 locations in USA ??.

    I am concidering attending the trading courses there. ?

    Thanks for any helpfull info Good Bad or Ugly.

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  3. Yea, I would like to know too. My wife and I attended one of their "free" seminars where they basically try to sell you into the class. And man, did they try to sell us on it. I would really like to know what great trading System they are going to reveal for $7k. The more I am looking into it, I am thinking there are better ways.

    Let me know if you hear anything.

  4. I met with Mike McMahon for about 1/2 hour a few months back while in So Cal. I though he was an arrogant prick and I don't say that lightly. He was real condescending, really. The only useful thing he had to say was that if you are 1 tick away from your target and it's stalling then swipe it for 1 tick less. I agree with that. I would consider, and I am, looking at trend-dynamics.com they seem a better value and offer a free trial. No I am not affiliated with them, and I do like that they base their work on Pete Stedlemeyer the founder of Market Profile.

    Save your money on OTA.
  5. If you buy anything from online trading academy, then don't expect to call them or get any answers from them afterwards. They don't give free advice. After you buy their CD's, then you're on your own. They definately are all about the money.

    And also, expect them to call you on the phone every week after you buy their course or CD's. They call every week and try to get you to join another course. It's like WTF!!, When I buy something from Walmart, they don't call me every week. Or when I buy a new car, they don't bother me every week. These guys at Online trading academy are ridiculous.

    But I will say that they do have good CD training. All the CD's I bought from them are good. I liked the CD's. Good price too. When I bought them, they were only $50.00 each. Not sure how much they are now. Don't do the live training. Buy the CD's from ebay. I might have mine around here somewhere if you want a used copy.
  6. Finding any trader with 2-3 years trading background in your area(forget profitability), seat next to him and pay him $2000 will serve you better than any trading academy, because they can cover trading in-outs as much or more and you won't be promised easy trading

    I would do this if i had to start out trading today, (though you won't become profitable by just doing this) take it or leave it