Just started trading /esh4 Tuesday and have a couple of questions:

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    Does anyone have a screen shot or a link to a futures layout? I have 6 19" monitors and currently trade through CyberTrader. I haven't been able to see what others use for TA and the layouts that work for others. I would have no problem sharing my layout if anyone is interested, just curious what is working for others.

    I must admit I like trading the e-minis much better than equities; even after getting my a$$ kicked late today holding a short at eod. I started off small yesterday trading 2 contracts and did a total of 4 r/t trades and 3 winners. I then started off this morning with 4 r/t winners and decided to step it up to 4 contracts. My stops got taken out on a short and then I lost focus and fought the tape into the close. Maybe I need to stay back trading the 2 contracts? I was pulling .50 off the 2 contracts and setting a 2.0 stop loss which I felt comfortable with. Nothing wrong with clearing $40 per 1/2 to 1 hour but then decided to increase to 4 contracts and when I got taken out twice on the 4 contracts it set me back $$$ and mentally. I want to clear minimum of $500 per day and trying to see if I have to trade more than 2 to accomplish that. I figured my 2 contract trades where working and so stepped it up and got hit for it.
  2. ...but it makes the point. IMO this is the best TA, and how I trade NQ.
  3. Hi Dominic,

    Can you attach an image of what your screen shot of your futures layout looks like?

    I don't mean a maximize chart of the ES or NQ.

    I mean a screen shot of your actual layout.

    You can use Snagit at http://www.techsmith.com or Xnview at http://www.xnview.com

    TTrader MyCharts has tons of charts of maximized charts and examples of trader workstations...

    Here's examples of maximized charts from the site...




    Here's are examples of traders workspace layouts...




    Here's my laptop screenshot (my desktops are in the shop being upgraded with some multimedia features)...


    Also...I found the following on the internet via Google search engine although the images aren't closeups of chart layouts...they are images of traders monitors on their desks...


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    I have no problem posting a screen shot of my layout, just not sure how to do it. Any ideas?