Just started reading Mastering Elliott Wave

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  1. by Glenn Neely. Everything you always wanted to know and not know about Elliott Wave but was afraid to ask. As I am reading I witnessed a perfect normal zig zag correction on the ES that completed at 1493.00 and is now up to 1505...good stuff but so much info it will overload the brain
  2. Don't know how I got into classifieds when I posted under Education thread.....I thought
  3. I tried to read that book but i think you need a phd to understand it . Studied elliott following elliott international for nearly a year with no success .Elliott wave at the end of the day seems obvious but in real time it just doesnt work . Regular old school trading keeping it simple with higher highs and trendline and good stops seems to be more successful to me .
  4. "I tried to read that book but i think you need a phd to understand it "

    I agree, very difficult. I will take it one step at a time.

    Did you understand what data points to use in plotting price for the mono waves?? He explains what NOT to use but is very unclear on what data points to use, but it is supposed to be one point per time period.....there are 4 points to each time period....
    open, high, low, and close. Neely, are you out there. he says closing prices are unreliable, and I believe open is also out. So we have high and low but only one data point so it must be the average of the high and low????? Anyone.....Glenn??
  5. Let us know when you move out of witnessing as it happens (or happened) to predicting what will happen and trading it correctly.

    The witnessing phase is probably just a seductive illusion.
  6. WHAT:confused:
  7. Kiwi, excuse my last post. I did not realize what you were referencing. I showed the chart after the fact just to show the pattern because it was a near perfect example...I will definately post before the fact if I see a Elliott wave pattern event coming to conclusion