Just sold my business for $250k

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  1. Can I make a living trading or should I buy another business. I have very little trading exp. serious replies only please, I need to know which direction I should go
  2. Trading is as hard as starting a business... Expect years of grueling pain, sweat, and tears... If you have experience in running general small businesses it would honestly be easier to stay in the same trade.

    But, taking a break and opening a small trading account and working at it for a few months would be a good idea. You might have a good knack for it.
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    What's with all these new posters coming into lotsa money and needing advice? Someone should IP trace them. Probably leads back to some poor wretch who couldn't hack it as a trader.
  4. Haven't you heard? Business in the world is booming and the stock market is up. :D :D :D *sarcasm*
  5. Sorry all I'm not making this up Im asking a real question and looking for help from someone with experience in trading. I thought that's what forums were for? I've built and sold businesses my whole life I was just looking for an (easier) (probably not the right word) way to make a living and have more time at home with my family.
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    stick with what you good at. trading probably hardest field you can possibly find. you are not going to have more time with your family,unless it's not trading,but some long term investing.
  7. stay away from trading...and build another business and then sell it...rinse and repeat.....
  8. You want to trade, that is great.

    Then start to learn it with paper money.

    When you are making constant profits with playmoney, you can use your real money.

    Until then, do your regular real working business.

    Be warned, to learn trading need very long time, at least 4 years of many many hours & it is a lot of studing work - its like going back to university to make a bachelor in trading.

    Good luck:)
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    if you don't know the market don't put your money in it
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    he won't listen to you

    the sweet sound of lies is calling to him like sailors to singing sirens
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