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  1. This is our response to Hershey censorship by moderator callmate:

  2. hughb


    Will you guys get over it already?!?!?!?! Everybody knows Hershey's a bullshitter. Who cares? Don't start harrassing site sponsors with your crusade.
  3. This is a total and utter load of crap. I have been overtly and consistently critical of Puretick for a long time, and I have never had a post deleted.

    The reason T28/bluebolt/Jacke Hershiey/HackJershey2 gets his posts deleted is because he's insane. He posted the same long post 27 times in a row in one thread. He has created something like 30 usernames, and routinely starts threads and then switches usernames and posts 'responses'. The only thing he does on these boards is flame people, question the trading ability of others and send unwanted PMs telling people to fuck off and 'eat my fuck' (whatever that one means). He adds zero value here.

    He went ballistic when it was revealed that he was actually a paying member of a trading chat room and that early in his T28 incarnation he was looking for information on pivots and how to make the transition from paper trader to real money (thanks to Swordsman). He's never really recovered from that revelation.
  4. I am not trader28.

    My posts were not abusive, just critical of Hershey and his lies.

    Fine. The advertisers should be able to make sense of Hershey's posts and know that their logo and money are attached to every post Hershey makes.

    The SEC should take a look at PeakTraderPro's claims as part of an ethics inquery. Lies and fraud. Any attempt to point out the lies are deleted.

    Fine, delete this post and I will be back in less than 2 minutes.

    This is abusive: Fuck you!!!!
  5. ehorn


    A glimpse inside the mind of lunacy...

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    Sad really :(
  6. Fuck you
  7. Because the moderators on the threads you post to don't give a shit about Puretick. Callmate and other moderators are open supporters of Hershey and delete posts that are critical and refuse to delete abusive posts that support Hershey.

    The game is rigged; so lets change the game.
  8. ehorn


    You have NOTHING critical to say...

    Face it, You're addicted to the guy....

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    Get some help! :(
  9. Fuck you :)
  10. ehorn


    Seriously dude..... Just move on... Life is WAY to short to be utterly consumed...

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