Just shut up and trade!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Brokers only want you to trade, so you generate commissions.

    Any frequent trading strategy goes, as long as you generate boatloads of commissions.

    When somebody suggests that the markets are mostly random, or that you have to invest long term:
    the Brokers show up to shut-down the infidel.
  2. You left out the fact that you're a moron.

    Markets aren't random, but your thinking is.
  3. DAMN that was good. Random walk theorists are so damn stupid it's so funny.
  4. There is a buttlode of, yes morons, that congregate here who I wish would do just that: Just shut (the eff) up and trade!

    Forget about the why's, if's and the but's. Just trade, damn it!
  5. I think he left that out because its common knowledge to anyone who's posted on ET for more than a couple weeks :D

  6. maxpi


    Wow, I bow to your superior intellect... please continue on your current course of buy and hold.. in fact, find a really good buy and hold advisor with a great track record... Like Bernie Madoff.....