Just show me one mechanical technical analysis that has been profitably backtested?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by crgarcia, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. One, just one.

    One that has worked profitably (backtesting) for many, many years.
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  2. Proof Technical Analysis isn't profitable?

    No, not infallible, no system is. Just profitable.
  3. Back testing is a crutch for amateurs...
  4. "I know of no way to validate conjectures concerning technical trading without back testing" -- William Eckhardt

  5. Baywolf


    Are you implying that "pros" don't backtest?

    or that amateurs are impeded by it?
  6. The most profitable chartscript ever written was designed by me over the last 5 years. It's alias is called SuperBands, seen here:

    It has been at the top of the most profitable list for years, and will continue to do so. The problem? It's a technical challenge more than a conceptual challenge. Jack Hershey's Methods, SPM? None of these systems are shit compared to SuperBands with LinearRegression Analysis.
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    i don't even know what mechanical technical analysis mean..but.. few very basic math calculations works for me for very long time.
    but..i have to add-it take few years of search and try for almost 24/7 to get there..
    why would i have to show you anything,when i have paid FOR EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE with my own money and time? once again-every single mistake. make sure you remember that,when you try skip something,or try to find an easy way around..
  8. buying 52 week highs in equities worked better than the markets for at least 25 years- recently its been performing similar to the market
  9. The most profitable mechanical system ever written is below. It's called SuperBands
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    heh.. how do you know,if it's most profitable EVER?
    i have no problem,if you say-most profitable posted on public forum..
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