Just show me one intraday mechanical trading system that is profitable

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Kris, Jan 11, 2009.

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    In response to the other thread posted, it is apparent that there are numerous daily trading systems using TA that are profitable. However, intraday is a different story and I didn't see anyone mentioning successful intraday systems they've developed (I'm talking equities only, no overnight holds). I've had some success with my own trading systems on the daily timeframe, but when tested on 15, 5, or 1 min timeframe do not show nearly the same results. Anyone had success on the intraday playing field?
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    ok i'll bite. here are the results of one of my intraday strategies. i show this one cause it's the most consistent due to the number of trades it takes everyday. a very simple R/S system that trades from 10 until 4.

    here are friday's results (i could show you a better day but then i'd be cherry picking). it was a really slow day, well below average in terms of volume and # of stocks traded. efficiency (cents per share) has very low variance day to day. on a 100+ day positive streak. 100% automated. unfortunately only scalable to about 1mil a year as it is. hopefully will be able to tweak it for more.

    so there. there's a profitable intraday system. obviously i won't give the details except to say it's very simple (no macd, stoch or whatever BS)
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    Well that makes this a short thread lol :O

    That's awesome, well done. Inspiration to continue.

    Any others?
  4. What platform do you trade with?
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    I'm assuming you backtested your strategy before implementing it?
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    Yes. The post I made in cgarcia's thread (with the same name) is intraday.
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    there's lots of people here that have fully automated intraday systems that make a killing. especially opening strategies (i use 2 myself). i doubt they'll post though.

    i didn't backtest this. it was just something i observed from my own trading and i decided to automate it. this goes for my other strategies as well. i only run 1 strategy that has been backtested. i have backtested everything you can think of intraday and only thing i've found to work is a falling knife strategy.

    trend fader, i trade with sterling
  8. Just curious, have you been trading your falling knife strategy in the past 4 months? Ether you are very clever about knowing when to step aside or you have another strategy that makes a killing on those market meltdown days (probably both). I don't even have those strategies on my main hard drive these days!
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    Tight Face did you backtest extensively before implementing your system?
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