Just shorted the ES at 865 several contracts...

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  1. Just shorted. Time to ride this one down.
  2. That prive was only traded SEVERAL HOURS ago...

    "just" ?
  3. Are you sure you just shorted it at 865?

    I am a bit skeptical...

    Most of the time people don't make a trade in the evening and then start a thread in the morning when they wake up and say they JUST traded...

    Also, catching the price at the best possible point?

    Besides that I would say it is dumb to short into confirmed higher highs.

    Also I don't know how any technical analyst worth their salt wouldn't think that the market is due for a minor upswing making a lower high before a continuation of downwards movement.
  4. Target is 835.
  5. That answers everything....
  6. There are obviously some real losers who frequent this website but this guy must be in the top 5.

    Making up trades has got to be up there with the most pathetic things you can do,not only that but when you claim you just did the trade while the information on that price action is confirmed at 11 hours previous is available to everyone confirms what a loser this guy really is.
  7. Since I actually did sell at 865 with real money, you can see the execution time in the attachment.
    If the moderators of this site were not such complete morons that don’t actually trade, they would have deleted this thread already.
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  8. Or, since the moderators actually do sleep sometimes (because they are human beings that require some REM to survive), it is possible this post was made during a time when they were in bed.

    Oh, would you look at that? 6:17AM? Yep.

    I think I'll leave this in this forum for a bit, just for opt789. Yes, the OP's post was dumb, but so was yours.
  9. Agreed.
    That doesn’t answer why you took the time to post rather than deleting an obvious fraudulent thread by an admitted troll and liar.

    Then you took the time to edit the post and say my post was “dumb”. Thank you for proving you are a moron.
    Please keep having the moderators of this site defend admitted liars and attack those few professionals that happen to be on the site.
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