Just say anything that pops in ur head right now

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    as titled says.. just say anything that pops in ur head right now
  2. Brilliant thread... I must contribute!
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    Garbanzo bean!
  4. I enjoy live 3 part vocal harmonies done properly.

    Noodle loaf.

    I need to sell that useless de-thatcher.

    Is Rudy running in 08 or what?
  5. I want to nuzzle Elle MacPherson's tits.

  6. "Nuzzle". Thats a funny word.

    slardy bardfast-was that a character from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?
    never got into the book myself.

    Are waffles really that different to pancakes?
    Is there a collective noun for stacks of old printers and computer bits?
  7. Corn building up to a solid short from standard fib extension fractal ranges.
    Stay short oil, to trendline extension of 59<$ region.

    Watch $au at historical high levels. Economics are bollocks.

    february lean hogs heading into strong support levels.
    March cocoa in an approximate buy zone.

    S&P looking quite toppy.

    I should change my socks, they pong.
  8. Idiot
  9. synaptic misfire
  10. ROFL, was i off topic?:D

    these opinions have not been fact checked; our reporters are not real journalists
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