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    Hi guys,

    I've just registered here. I'm looking forward to learn more about trading from knowledgeable people and plan to go full time. Now I'm reading a lot and learning about markets and how they works (Trading and Exchanges: Market Microstructure for Practitioners looks like very good book for this I have almost finished it). Was reading something here and there for quite a while and now I decided that I need to take action :) I have registered with IB and after I get used to platform and understand it I will quit to paper trade full time for something like 1 month or maybe less and then start working. I'm software developer, so I'm also interested in automated trading, but probably leave it for a little bit later, when I have more practice. I'm aware that a lot of beginners fails, but I trust in myself. I know psychology is important, but I think I'm ready. I like to play poker and even though its completely different thing, but I guess psychological part is similar so it wont be so unexpected for me. Even if I fail I think experience gained will be very valuable, and I can retry or land an IT job in finances to regroup myself :) I will probably start trade oil futures, because I know someone doing that professionally and he could be my mentor for a while.
    I was reading forum for few days now, and found some advices interesting. Here is short list I've copied (sorry no authors):
    However I noticed there are lots of arguing and quite few worthless posts in this forum. But I guess we can all live with that :) Anyway what do you guys think? Any advices about my approach? Any advices about forum? Any advices in general for new trader? I registered here because I want to learn from smarter than me :)
  2. Did you learn software developing on you own? I doubt it. It took time and I'd supposed
    for someone, a company or perhaps a government agency, to employ you to get the skills you now have.

    Without similar skills already in trading expect to have to spend much time and money to make it work.
  3. Also, a lot of people here are bipolar, insomniacs with huge egos but little else....
    Other wise known as 'Americans'.:D
    We know, the USA is where all evil comes from- Subprime, Goldman Sachs, George W etc.

    (Do you think it's a coincidence that "In God we Trust" appears on their coins?)
  4. Well Mr Melbourne/Tokyo wtf does that have to do with "the price of tea in China"?
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    Welcome to the forum enjoy your stay.