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    there is a lot of talk about daytrading here which makes me wonder if there are traders out there who are holding positions for weeks even months to capture larger trends trading simple things e.g. breakouts of consolidations in trends

    and if so, can you make a living just trading this way, capturing some good moves which makes your year?

    can someone point out some posters trading this way or name some blogs of traders which play the longer timeframes

    it seems that you find very little information about this trading in terms of application just the usual pattern definitions and becoming a millionaire trash blogs

    maybe it is just to boring to blog or post about it or it just makes no sense after you passed a certain state in your development as a trader to interact with others and instead you just concentrate on your trading and living your life
  2. I am a positional trader but I don't hold anything for "WEEKS" or "months" it is always >1 day but <1 month but more likely >1 day <2 weeks.
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    Seems to me that there is a continuum from day trader all the way to long term investor. Of course, one can do both. But to make a living with longer term positions, you would need to have a sizeable portfolio. The day trader can make a small profit on a large number of trades with a small account, but will have to work harder. Stosh
  4. I tried to make it as a day trader and just couldn't make it work. I tried looking at various things from every conceivable angle. I don't know how some people do it. I really don't. I feel it's incredible to make such and effort and fall short.

    In any case, I looked at one of the methods I developed and tried to see if it would work on daily charts. It appears it would work so in the next few months I want to try it out. The only problems I see though is I don't know how large my stops will have to be. And I find it sucks to know that it may take way more time to find out if it works or not. With short term trading, I can tell in a couple of months that a method doesn't work.
  5. if your method doesn't work intraday
    it won't work in a long timeframe.

    remember that
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    I started long ago trading long term, had to as commissions was $125 for 100 shares. Evidentially I went to long term commodity trading before day trading. I use monthly, weekly, and daily charts and longest trade has been 2.5 years, but do have to rollover to nearby contract months.

    Seventy-five percent of my profits based on five year duration's come from long term trading, but to rely on making money every year would be impossible for me. What happens is one year in three are awesome, I am picking highs/lows and trends develop, then next two years, I am fighting to stay at breakeven or make a little profit and sometimes loss. Day trading helps me during those two years.
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  7. You are relying on time to bail you out, which is not the most efficient way to trade. akin Jim Rogers method
    Now with George Soros method, if you read his book, you'll see how close to inflection point he is to shorting the lb, basically a week before.
    Jim rogers pops out the idea, George Times the trade, Thats how quantum fund succeeded in the past, and thats why quantum is still very successful without Jim.
    Jim rogers is still a good idea person.

    2) The closer you are to inflection point, the lower the risk,
    The lower the risk, the larger the position you can put on it.
    Its not a wish wish trade, more like a conviction, Full powermove trade.

    3) Powermoves aka "All-in + more" is what makes people very wealthy.
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    Do you think we are at an inflection point in the ES?


    p.s. for full disclosure - short ES 1054
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    Good advice....
  10. That's not what I've seen looking at daily charts.
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