Just one giant headfake before the run

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blast19, Mar 5, 2007.

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    rally in the futures tonight, if the dow cant add 50+ points tomorrow thats just pathetic.
  3. Will they sell the rally?
  4. uh.. sure.. .100% uproom ...

    I'm sooooo much more confident now that the Asian markets have regained much less than half of what they gave up yesterday. :p
  5. Could be.

    I'm not a Fibonacci/Elliot freak or anything, but this has been a near perfect 38% retracement from the July 06 low to February 07 high. An nice opportunity for Wave 5 if you believe in such things...

    Even if you don't, it's been a serious enough correction to bring some liquidity and firepower back to the market. Those little 1-2% dips were great swing trades, but the market can't stairstep up like that forever.

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    If you dig deep enough you will find infinite reasons to be bullish or bearish, that's why the market usually has a buyer and a seller at any given point.

    However, if I pull up a 1day bar chart, I see a bear flag :)

    Needless to say Im a daytrader, and I dont care if it goes up 500 or down 500, either way I will do my best to ride the trend the best way I can.

    Good trading.
  7. all bullish from here

    dont get wrapped up in the technicals

    waves and fibinachi numbers are useless
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    IT WAS A GIANT JOKE...but even a broken clock is right twice a day....yada yada yada.

  9. easy there, i am with u but it's not time yet...we will consolidate/distribute here at best...test the averages down below at worse.
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