Just noticed new "Stock Data" feature in Excel

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    Got a new laptop awhile back and ended up getting office 365, desktop just had a licence for excel 2016.

    Was updating my trade journal and noticed "Stocks" at the top. Bit of googling and found this.


    Using the prefixes for exchanges found here


    Ex: XTSE:TD (Toronto Dominion on the TSX exchange)

    Googled about historical data but didn't turn up much besides a post from a microsoft representative saying their we're more features in development( who knows if he actually knows what he's talking about)


    Just sharing with the dumbies like me that never even noticed this newer feature. As it right now as mostly delayed data, with only OHLC for the day and a bit of fundamental data it's a limited tool.

    Figured someone could make an EOD market movers type scan, or perhaps use to update a position tracking/trade journal spreadsheet.

    The links are covered in "Not for Professional Use" so I doubt they'll get to far into market data ,plus the data comes from Refinitiv which just got picked up by London Stock Exchange so who knows I guess.
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