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    So every great trader starts somewhere. A no name fund, trader, or some kid off the block with just a high school degree.

    But some of these guys develop into great traders. In the beginning, no one paid them any attention. Just another flash in the pan they probably say.

    But I'm here coming from a limited trading experience (<10 years). But I know that at least I'm the hot hand at the moment.

    What is the best way for me to get hold of someone in the funds management business?. I just need a trial, just something to get my foot in the door to show my skills as a trader.

    I started a signal service provider. My current clients are made up of small traders - so my take from their subscription is miniscule.

    I need that big investor/trader/fund manager to just toss me a bone.
  2. The shortcut is to go to the "Great traders you have never heard of" session at TreadersExpo. Ask questions.

    Three possible results:

    1. One of the panelists and get the $ because they will offer it to you.

    2. One in the audience will talk to you and offer you $ to trade since the panel has turned him down.

    3. You find out clearly you are not going to get any money ever.

    This is a two hour process. I have observed or participated in all three processes.

    Most people in your place just skip OPM by reasoning.
  3. Unlike surf's comment, my comment is only related to significant money.

    My part 3 can be found in surf's comment.
  4. What do you mean by 'hot hand?' you cannot attract the attention you want with limited performance information. You will need to show that your 'hot hand' is sustainable and scalable. I can tell you from an earlier p/l post that you are jumping the gun a bit...there is quite a bit more to do b4 expecting others to give you a shot. Continue to work on your style and build your account. I wouldn't consider taking the next step til you are consistently making mid 6 figures and up for several years. I don't mean to be negative or insensitive , but you can make a lot of money trading for yourself...and to build outside business you are going to need to show a very impressive track record that I'm not sure is there yet. Regardless, good luck to you in trading.
  5. If you have a consistent trade history, like, 2-3+ years of proven risk management... you basically write your own ticket and many firms will offer you packages (often with you fronting the risk capital, but the OPM/leverage you desire can be found.)

    Til then, keep building that track record. Begging for OPM here will actually work against you (shows lack of experience, and people here will rip you up well before anyone shows any interest. Not to mention you get responses from people like Hershey.. which probably set you back mentally by just reading them. :p)