Just made 5 years pay on that gold manipulation

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by stock777, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. sorry, too fast for me to give it out here
  2. $15 - 50 moves is seconds.

  3. Can't find any links on what caused this, any idea?
  4. Why isn't this in chit-chat? Your only competition right now on 'post quality' is Bearice.
  5. no athlonmank8, you can't have a loan, your credit is no good here
  6. ps, I gave you a hint to go long by calling it a manipulation. another freaking winner.

    if athlonmank8 wasn't a douch , he'd have made a few sheckles
  7. it was a very fast move indeed, but how could you make that a 5-year pay? you had such a huge position?
  8. Maybe he lives in india where a years pay is equal to $2,000. :)
  9. 1o years pay
  10. Archin


    i actually made high six figures on this move, not sure how many years pay that qualifies for. Maybe 20 for the average person, but i make this almost every week trading.
    #10     Sep 26, 2011