Just lost 5% of my account...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by failed_trad3r, Dec 3, 2009.

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    You mis-read what I wrote.

    I said it's BS if you think it's not an -hard- feature to do.
    Do not get me wrong it's possible, but hard.
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  2. I guess to each his own. I expect 2 - 3 blowouts a year, and each will be about 90% of my bankroll. Since I withdrawl each time I double, I have the reserves ready to re-post when necessary. Not a big deal.
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  3. already are => worstguruever. congrats on friends in low places
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  4. usually what happens is people who do start making money real fast from a low acct level blow it b/c they happen to be in the mkt at a hot time when anyone with a pulse can make money so when things slowed down they took the same risks and ended blowing it all, i personally know 2 people that went from a few k to 100-150k in about 4 months then blew it all a few months later
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    Ignored a stop? 5% is not 50% :)
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  6. respectfully have to diasgree..... The ony way to see how a strategy really works is to run it live (on small size of course). you can backtest your life away, but youll never know till you actually get in.

    This trader on the other hand, needs to take step back and work himself out first though....
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    trading is 80% mental and 20% system. few points of advice- work on your psychology, dont revenge trade, when you lose 10% of your account stop for the month and sim trade to improve your system, you will never have all winners so don't shoot for that. I personaly after 15 months of trading live and switching to sim when i keep losing have brought my win % up to about 85% now but i also spent 3200 hours last year trading and refining and losing lots of $$$. take 1 step forward and hopefully 1/2 step back and you'll be on track to be a good trader. just remember its all psychological. Work out your negative energy from your life and move forward. Live on the hard right edge and you only learn when you put on a trade live.
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  8. You just need to withdraw $100 and go play 2+ hands of 3 card poker.

    If you can beat Q-6-4 then raise!

    If not you fold :(

    Worst case you lose $100 and realize how insignificant it is.

    Best case you run it into $500 and have a few drinks with the half naked cocktail waitress :)
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