Just lost 5% of my account...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by failed_trad3r, Dec 3, 2009.

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    Lol oh really?

    2K to 100K is not hard at all..tsk.. the bs that some people spur.
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  2. People who claim impossibility are frequently interrupted by those doing it. That system you referred to, without respect, just capped a nice monthly ROR of 3x. Keep talking, turkey. Time is on my side. And in a year, you'll still be sitting here wondering what the hell went wrong with your trading. :)

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  3. JScott


    There are dreams, then there are debilitating fantasies. Whether all this is sincere, a joke or self-aggrandizement, I'm not sure. But you will go nowhere with $2,000. You are guaranteeing your own misfortune.

    Get a job in the industry or go seek wealth in some other venture and come back in 10-20 years. The $100 you lost went in my pocket . . . and I'll keep taking it if you continue to act like a jackass. You are outmatched beyond belief.

    There are people who will help you, but not until you stop the pity party. There's no glamour in trading. You have no reason to believe trading cures depression or any other negative feelings. It creates them.
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  4. Stop Day Trading!!!
    Stop Trading!!

    If you insist then you need some rules:

    2 Trades per week max.

    And that's all you can take.

    I'd look at longer holding periods and less leverage too.
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  5. Sure it did. But you can't beat my results. Ha!
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  6. Keep dreaming, hotdog, and keep your spreadsheet fantasies alive. Doing so entertains the rest of us.

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  7. This is the kind of post that should be removed from EliteTrader. Imagine thousands of whiners complaining they lost $200 or 5% of their account on this site.

    EliteTrader hits a new fucking low. Really, this is not a site for experienced, top traders. Is a site for college kids with play money.
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    What is the ticker symbol for EliteTrader?
    I never knew EliteTrader has a stock. Are you planning to buy puts on ET?!?!
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  9. actually retard its not bs, i did myself in one of my accts
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  10. PPT


    I just made 3 ticks on the overnight session.

    i should start a new thread

    and then charge millions to follow me

    and write book

    and be a guru
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