Just lost 5% of my account...

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  1. I feel horrible...:(

    At the same time I don't really. I feel like it's not my money now. I actually feel a bit relieved.

    I only have $1900 left. This sucks:mad:
  2. since you are being totally transparent...what exactly happened?
  3. what. you lost about 100 bucks? i spent 3 times that on groceries yesterday.
  4. I am forward testing a strategy live, and it lost 5 ticks the first trade. Then I got so mad my first trade was a loser i just entered a trade then I got scared and made my stop smaller and smaller, and stopped out.

    My loss is actually bigger than $100:(
  5. Quick observation: I'm not saying that if your username were "SuperTrader" that you would be successful, but I think that often how we think about things can have a reinforcing effect...
  6. PPT


    1900 is poker money, not trading capital

    come back when you have 25k plus

    no real business owner starts with 2,000 bucks

    good lessons for sure

    but this is just "play" money, nothing more

    so learn and waste it all, or play poker and waste it all

    2k isn't turning into anything crazy

  7. spinn


    I dont believe in paper trading....with that small an account I would trade 10 shares of the qqqqs or whatever, never having a stop greater than 2% of my account.
  8. the1


    No doubt about it. And there's a reason why I'm "the1." If you think you are going to be successful you might just be successful. If you think you're gonna fail you absolutely will fail.

  9. might better invest that with a trading guru and get yourself a fine education
  10. No.Heat


    Are you completely sure trading is for you ?

    Does not seem like it is. Losses are natural in trading.

    No Heat
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