Just like with freedom of religion, monogamy should be an unconditional free choice.

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  1. After seeing 'the truth' come out of many well known personalities, I think it is stupid to expect everybody to be monogamous.

    Reality is that in some people monogamy goes against their deepest human instinct, and the more this natural instinct is repressed, the more it will want to manifest itself.

    I am all for monogamy when it makes sense for the people involved. Lying about true feelings will only make the person(s) very unhappy.
    Is monogamy the underlying reason why we have so many divorces in society. I would venture to say that is a big possibility.

    I think monogamy should be discussed openly and treated as what it is, only a choice, that is not good or bad per se, just a choice.
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  3. I think men lie because they have a girlfriend/wife they like very much, and very attracted to, BUT they want to have fun with other girls, BUT are VERY JEALOUS if their girlfriend want to do that too. So they lie.
    You think Tiger Woods not care if his wife do what he did?
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    The answer for divorce is, do not get married unless you intend to honor your vows. Part of those voes are the topic of this thread, monogamy.

    The concept of marriage in today's society has been watered down to more of a legal "going steady". I'd say a good percentage of people get married way to quick in a relationship with no intention of spending the rest of their lives together.

    For a marriage to work, both parties need to put the others interests and needs on the same level as their own. Sometimes it's difficult, as I can personally attest, but it's the genuine respect for the other that motivates, Instead, today most people are selfish and self-centered.

    Not touching the medical aspects of multiple sex partners, yes - monogamy is a personal choice, but once you stand there in front of your future spouse and promise/vow........ simply put, what kind of person you are will determine how you keep those promises.

    Before you ask, still and only with my first love, 25+ years and going strong.


  5. And you are monogamous? You sir should be awarded a medal.
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    Let me rephrase that, I've been monogamous in my relationship with my wife of 25 years.

    Before that, honestly, I had sex with a few different women, but never intended to marry any of them. That being said, I'm not proud of the fact.

    My point was that when I said "I Do" I meant it.

    Sorry for the poor choice of words.
  7. Yeah I think its stupid for people to expect everyone not to steal. Not taking something you want if you cant get it by any other means goes against peoples deepest human instinct and the more you dont take what you want, the more you will want it.

    Also, I think its stupid for people to expect everyone not to murder each other. When someone makes you mad or is making your life hell, you just want to kill them. Death is a natural thing, so ending someones life a little sooner if they are making your life miserable is just a natural instinct and repressing that instinct will just make it manifest itself more and make you unhappy if you dont kill them.

    I dont know...maybe im just trying to justify my reasoning to be immorral. That sounds about right.
  8. Society is descending the ladder of expectations, life is now all about damage control and "you can't make me and what are you going to do about it?".
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    I couldn't get myself to reply to the message. Too freaking 'unstable' imo...

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