Just in case, what if we had found..

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  1. that a war would have broken out in east Asia, let's say in China, when we just woke up tomorrow?
  2. Well...

    We're gonna read the news on papers, and we're gonna watch the news on TV.

  3. wouldn't Wal mart and other companies who get there goods from that region be in trouble. They would have to scramble to find other suppliers. What happens when you put all your eggs in one basket?:confused:
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    you take care of that basket damn well :D
  5. 1 don't know whether this is getting any attention in the us..

    but the war could have happen just yesterday..

    taiwan was about to pass a law that allows citizen to vote in matter concerning public policy, and also for independence from China. China already gave a ultimatum to taiwan, that if taiwan declares independence, it's declaring war against china..

    taiwan passed the law but it explictly state that sensitive matter such as independence should not be on the agenda.

    it would be armagaddeon if the only two superpowers left in the world goes to war as america is under duty to defend any aggression against taiwan..
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    Interesting, I was completely unaware of this. It was not present in the US media whatsoever.
  7. This issue was addressed by some speakers I heard recently. While the scenario was different (civil unrest), the answer on the alternative supplier was Thailand.