Just had a good experience using this option software

Discussion in 'Options' started by levniss, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Hello option traders,
    Thought you might be interested.
    I just had an educative experience, simulating in real time on this option software and I’m feeling lot more comfortable trading options.
    <a href="http://www.analyzetrade.com">option software</a>
    It’s FREE (can’t believe it, but its true).
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    I still have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn ...

    Joe. :)
  3. levniss


    Skepticism is always a good quality, I can say that from the first place.
    I did try it and it is for real.
  4. Clonezilla is not the most user-friendly software. First, its documentation is rather on the poor side. Then, it has somehow a good amount of options (fortunately, you can usually leave the defaults one). I'm using it, I find it quite useful, but I had to do some tests to be sure I would be capable of restoring a file-system/partition exactly like it was before (by default, it restore it correctly but it mess a bit with grub if you don't change the default options). That's what I had to say.

    Also, if I use clonezilla, it's to save the image of a Windows OS. I personally don't use it on my Linux-based OS, since those are free (with free software in it) and easy to reinstall. On those partitions, I only save the files in my /home directory with rsync actually.

    My backup strategy might not be perfect, but hey, it's better than nothing, and I know I can actually restore my data if something fails, so at the end, it's fine.
  5. I vote this post for the "Most Off Topic Post" award.

  6. Really great software, thanks for the recommendation
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    It's gotta be wonderful software cause several first time posters all recommended it!
  8. At least they're trying , keep pumping up boys.
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    I'm all for these such initiatives, as long as they encourage a win win relationship.
    The options trading industry is suffering from a lack of good option analysis tools, and on top of all, it's FREE.

    Thank's anyway,
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    Yeh, can you believe it? The Goldman Sachs option trading desk does their calcs on the backs of discarded envelopes. They really need to check out the FREE option software available on ET links.
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