Just great.....first Biden and now Powell???

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  1. WOW.....everyday now we have a new team obama member talking about some coming crisis.....and now we are even given dates.........WHAT THE FU^&^%&$%%$!!!!


    Colin Powell Warns Of Coming Crisis "We Don't Even Know About Right Now"

    Echoes Biden comments that Obama will be tested in early days of his term

    Steve Watson
    Tuesday, Oct 21, 2008

    Colin Powell has made bizarre comments that echo the recent declaration by Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden that there will be an "international crisis" early into Barack Obama's presidency that will test the new president by forcing him to make unpopular decisions.

    Speaking on meet the press two days ago, Powell officially endorsed Obama and also made the following statement:

    "The problems will always be there and there's going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don't even know about right now.

    So I think what the President has to start to do is to start using the power of the oval office and the power of his personality to convince the American people and convince the world that America is solid, that America is going to move forward, we are going to fix our economic problems, we're going to meet out overseas obligations."

    Watch Powell make the comment at 2.35 into the following video:

  2. The Chinese will begin dumping all the US treasuries.

    They've already given Paulson the heads up on this.

    Watch gold to figure out when it begins.