Just got off the phone with a guy that does a lot of construction type stuff...

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  1. He said wood prices have tripled in cost. People are using plywood made for cabinets outside, which its not made for, because everything else is so costly.

    Copper has tripled in cost.

    He said other items that are built for him have gone up significantly in price, but more importantly they keep pushing back the estimated delivery times because shortages of goods on their end to make the products.

    All this is at the wholesale, industrial level, not some copper or wood ETF or futures.

    If anyone is not convinced inflation is coming, you are INSANE. Its is going to be HORRIBLE.
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  2. Here4money


    supply chain, not inflation

    Biden Administration Moves to Fix Supply Chain Bottlenecks
    A swath of recommendations calls for more investments, new supply chains and less reliance on other countries for crucial goods.
  3. Some of it might just be "supply chain" issues, but prices are going up everywhere. Inflation is coming. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
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    The Ministry of Truth hath spoken. None dare question it!
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    Will you take any actions to deal with what you see coming?
    What are they so far?
    What will they be in the future?
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    Either inflation or stagnation, one or the other—at least so long as Democrats are in control of the economy, government regulation, taxation, the budget, immigration, foreign policy, education, etc.
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  7. LOL, indeed. Commie newspaper reporting senile Biden is here to save us lol.

  8. 1. I've been buying gold, silver, and copper ETFs. Not a ton, but slowly.

    2. I want to buy a second house, or some raw land, in the very near future, using a 30 year mortgage.

    3. Increased my stock holdings generally, absent Corona re-emerging I don't think the market is going to go down and stay down for any material amount/time with the huge stimulus that is here and more that is coming, including the inflation.
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    lol, as he acts to shut down energy pipelines so Warren can keep his railroad tank cars active for a cool $Billion a year.
    Save us Joe! lol
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    Will crypto be an option for offsetting some inflation risk?

    crypto gs is98.jpg