Just got long TZA

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by moonlightxpress, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. just bought 5000 shares of tza at 14.13..
    set stop loss at 13.2..lets see how this works out..
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    TZA is a nice one, im in for some shares of that as well however I have bigger positions with TYP, SMN, RFN.
  3. Hope it works out for you. Frankly I think you'd be better going to a casino and putting it all on black.
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    I remember buying TNA around $14 in my IRA months ago, sold it around $15-$16, regret it everyday it moves higher, now the opposite is happening TZA is trading right around where I bought TNA and im thinking what kind of drop the markets would have to go through in order to see TZA back in the 30's.
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    I would like to know if TZA 3times means
    3 times every thing. In other words you make .50cts in 10,000 shares, you made
    5,000 or 15,000.?
  6. What about your FAZ position? What ever happened to that?

  7. I dont know what kind of indicators you see that i dont have, but i dont get the trade. Im in psa thursday mid day. Indicators on the smaller charts are turning up after a nice pullback....
    I hope the Dow does not crush my position, but a summer pullback prior to fall would make me feel a little better.. just a thought
  8. Sold today for a 2.5 dollar gain. Charts backed up on hourly 200.ma and 1/2 day 50ma signaled time to sell. Hope charts correct for a set-up 1st of the month. Most inportantly, hope we correct for fall.
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    Some of you guys have brass balls going in with such large postions. I prefer scaling in slowly. Picked up a few shares of SKF and DOG at around 11am. Right after that the market started to turn downward... pure luck.
  10. No balls here, ask my wife :(.
    I think there is additional upside if we can close above $71. then hard resistance at aprox 77. The indicators should allow for entry hopfully within a couple of days. I hope for an additional $5 but will be happy with 3-4 more.
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