just got back from spain

Discussion in 'Trading' started by itcanbedone, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. two things. they were afraid and the ladies were fine.

    also, can we short SPY these days?
  2. ggoyal


    yes. they won't ban shorts on it.
  3. thx i saw that spy was not on the list. but i kept hearing ALL shorts are not allowed?

    so i can short spy but not any of those 600 odd stocks
  4. Short SPY all you want, you just can't short 799 select names

  5. Good luck finding some, I couldn't get any SPY all week! SPY was HTB, and it trades 300mm shares day....nuts!
  6. Did I read this right, you could not get SPY shorts filled ?

  7. Couldn't believe it myself. Penson (TOS) says its HTB. Likewise with the Q's
  8. dero


    any reason your not looking toward ProShares (SH, SDS) since SPY is HTB?
  9. ggoyal


    who is ur broker? that is very unusual. spy is something developed to manage risk. u probably made a mistake.