Just got a call to be on Mad Money...

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  1. I called about a year ago regarding a position in AZO, i have since gotten out of it, and only called to see what his "expert" opinion wa.s

    I get a voicemail today saying they want me to call in and spend time with him discussing it.

    I havent even looked at the stock in months. BUT i am looking for suggestions regarding being on the show or not
  2. be the mad guest.
  3. But i am not evenin AZO, should i just make something up? lol Or maybe suggest another stock

  4. They have a list of all his recos and they wait until the thing trades up 10-20% and then robocall anyone who called/emailed about it in the past.

    The people that ask about his loser recos (vast majority) don't get a call. Amazing how that works, eh?

    Now, why would you want to talk to Cramer? I think you should get a publicist first.
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    Here is what you do. Call Baron. Ask him how much he'll pay you for mentioning ET on the air. It's got to be worth a cool 10k. Then bullshit around about AZO. Easy money man, take it.
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  6. Exactly! OP needs to monetize this opportunity somehow.

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  8. I will call him right now,

    407) 230-9956

    I assume thats his number...
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    Remember, I get a 20% cut since it was my idea. :)
  10. He didnt answer.

    I emailed him

    I called, i will be on the show tonight.

    Barron needs to call me with in 4 and half hours or it will be too late
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