Just Go Away Bonds

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  1. "So does Bonds think he will soon be better than Ruth?

    'I don't know yet,' Bonds said. 'But the numbers speak for themselves.'"

    - Today's NYT

    No, the numbers don't speak for jack in my book. Bonds will always be a juiced and unworthy dirtbag as far as I'm concerned.

    The fans have been booing and they should be.

    Getoutahere. :mad:
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    Actually, the toughest fans in the US, the Philadelphia fans, gave him a standing ovation last night when he blasted that 450+ foot home run. As much I don't want to see him succeed, I found myself cheering too after watching such a crushing blast.
  3. If steriods are the answer as to why Bonds hit 700 home runs....

    why arent there more players @ 700?? They all juiced at some point...as it was legal in Baseball
  4. bronks


    Bonds is an extremely gifted player to begin with, roids or not.

    How many of those homers could he have hit without the roids??... we'll never know. And that's ashame.
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    and its bad for our kids who play the game.
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    Ruth was CLEARLY the greatest home run hitter in baseball history. He was also the best all around player.
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    I agree. You don't need MLB official rules or an asterisk to just mentally throw out the last 10 years stats wise.

    But Bonds would've accomplsihed remarkable things w/o the roids. The roids just gave him the power to blast home runs. He has accomplished much more than home runs, though imo.
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    Without doubt he's of Ted Williams proportion and production . Christ, 2300 WALKS! Better than Aaron. Just not Ruth......
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