Just get those rates to ZEROOO already.....I want to see this "RocketShip" soar.......

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    Yep let's take rates to zero percent, how about we just take them negative and drop more quantative easing for the economy. Because we need a "rocket ship", because 10 straight years of economic expansion, historical low rates, historical highs in stocks, historical job numbers etc etc just isn't enough...why stop at lowering rates to zero, let's hand out trillions of more dollars and give everyone free money. Let's give the banks even more power and give them more money, everyone will be rich. Hey maybe the 50+ million in poverty will worth hundreds of thousands.
    So the fed has gone crazy on how they manage interest rates, yea instead of 2.5% they should be at 5-6-7% not zero.
    Just like every past fed they have bowed to wallstreet and I feel the same thing is going to happen. All this talk and anticipation of lower rates is going to start putting wallstreet in a frenzy about not if but when will the fed cut rates. The fed will cave in bow to wallstreet and handover lower interest rates ....just because.....

    Trump: 'If we had a Fed that would lower interest rates, we'd be like a rocket ship'
    Michael Sheetz | @thesheetztweetz
    Published 3 Hours Ago Updated 2 Hours AgoCNBC.com

    President Donald Trump lambasted the Federal Reserve yet again on Friday, saying he thinks the economy will "be breaking records" even though the central bank has rates set too high.

    "If we had a Fed that would lower interest rates, we'd be like a rocket ship. But we're paying a lot of interest and it's unnecessary but we don't have a Fed that knows what they're doing so it's one of those little things," Trump said. "But if we had a Fed that would lower rates, we would have a rocket ship."

    Trump has repeatedly criticized the Fed's decision to maintain interest rates this year, even as Chairman Jerome Powell has highlighted the slowing global economy. Trump has been heavily critical of Powell's decisions at the Fed, going as far as to say that "the Fed has gone crazy" with how it's managed interest rates.

  2. No way this ends well
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    and the problem is? well it is a problem for whoever is flat or short lol.

    2.5% when the rest of the world is 0 is pretty darn high... we should be a rocket ship, why not, so much potential.... but we got used to the Obama type recovery where the easy money tail wind got canceled in sizable portion by regulations and unfavorable trade deals.

    Trump is pressing all the right buttons, easy money plus fiscal/regulational tail wind, should make it a rocket ship!
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    "Let's give the banks even more power and give them more money"

    Zero rates or negative would hurt the banks. They make money off the interest of loans. zero/negative interest rates helps the receiver of loans so I guess, make sure yall credit score is up. Also a great time to refinance :p
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    Understatement of the century.
  6. hey man if you're a partier you never want to leave and you don't want to be the one caught with all the drugs when the cops show up.. that's exactly what's going on right now nobody wants to be holding the bag and whoever stops easy-money policies going to be the one to do it.. or it's going to be an inevitable crash.. monetary inflation never ends well it destroys value.. it incentivizes debtors and penalizes savers.. it will have everyone chasing yield and riskier assets and they should be in just to say a float. I could go on but anybody that's trying to justify an easy money policy has no education on economics whatsoever
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    Sadly, I've come to realize I know someone who talks, thinks and acts exactly like the Orange Man. Sort of like an overgrown ADHD child who throws impulsive temper tantrums.
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    Just reminds me on a daily basis how third world the country is heading.
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    how about this question - Orange Man has succeeded in biz, entertainment and politics... and those who question his moves - what are their achievements?

    can't argue with success.
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  10. He's not a successful business man. I'll give you entertainment and selling his brand; without those aspects he'd be dead broke by now after blowing most of his dad's money many years ago. He has gone bankrupt with some huge projects, not just some odd real estate deals like you seem to think. Atlantic City is well aware of this; so is Toronto and parts of Florida in very recent years.

    Certainly I'll argue with "success" when he's failed so many times and gamed the system to keep afloat. Throw in the fraudulent approach he often resorts to and I don't see anything redeeming at all about Trump the business man.
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