Just filled up my tank for less than 20 bucks!

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  1. Tried to squeeze a full 20 bucks into the tank, but it overflowed at $19.87. This is the cheapest i have ever paid for a full tank of gas (a little over 13 gallons) This is the cheapest it ever cost me to fill up this car since i got it in mid 2005. The most i ever paid to fill it up? $62.50! Thats over 40 dollars saved per tank. I normally fill up two to three times per month, so that means i will save about 100$ per month...what am i going to do with that 100 per month? I'm going to buy ERX so when the prices (if they go back up) I will have made all that extra money to pay for the new high gas prices.
  2. I am investing in a 5000 gallon tank. Hopefully it gets buried and ready next month. Then I will fill it up with Gasoline and hedge against 4 dollar gas again.
  3. Gasoline doesn't store well for long periods of time out past a year.
  4. e-10 has a shelf life of 90 days under ideal conditions. Time to rethink before you break ground.

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    Just long the futures.
  6. This is why you replace your gas in your gas can for your lawn mover each year.
  7. That's great news. Living in their car has become a lot cheaper for millions of Americans :cool:
  8. LOL better start stockpiling gas cause we're gonna see $3 again in no time.
  9. I could really use sub $2 gas for a little longer. Thanks for the reassurance.
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    Good Investment, although you might check with your county sanitarium department. Last I checked it is illegal to bury any kind of fuel tank. We had below ground tanks at our ranch in MT and we had to dig them up and place them above ground..... of course you can do what ever you want just don't let the EPA catch you.....
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