just doubled-down on my NG position

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  1. god help me....

    :cool: :D :cool:

    anyone have any thoughts on how the NG market really is right now?

    once you discount the noise of course..(hedgie blow-up what??!?!) :D :D
  2. bpc75


    long or short?

  3. long.
  4. bpc75


    I like it. I've seen multi-million dollar acounts blown out w/ short positions. You're in good position for a harsh early cold snap.
  5. i know one of the banks bought Amaranth's NG contracts, but I wonder how many of them were liquidated in the past few weeks..

    might be a reason ng has taken the hit it has.
  6. Are you willing to continue to avg down? If so you could get a nice trade?

  7. or slit my wrist....

    this is a trade of conviction - i have enough capital to avg down 3 more times - i've done it 3 already.

    i'm at the point now where i need the trade to prove to me i am right - show me strength - before i commit more capital. once i see strength, i will avg down on a retrace.

    for the record i do not use stops when i have conviction on a trade - this is the only position in my IB account.
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    Which month you long? I am Nov
  9. just21


    Anybody trading the full contract on globex? How is it?

  10. dec and jan

    also through ng equities
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