Just deposited $100K into my account...will take to $1Million & beyond

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  1. Just deposited $100K into my account...will take it to $1Million & beyond...NOTE: this is a demo account :D

    Will be trading:
    Options on futures
  2. instead of trading everything.. why don't you jsut buy citi and go sailing for teh enxt few years
  3. do we really need to know about people papertrading on a site called "elite" trader?
  4. LoL, you can never make up your mind can you? I kinda remember you offering advice to a noob once about focusing on ONE instrument and one instrument alone.

    Practice what you preach?

  5. Buying and holding C to 60 would be an interesting proposition. Say you bought $100k in shares now:

    $100,000 / 4.34 at this time of writing = 23,041 shares.

    If it goes to $60 back where it was before the bust of 2008 you are sitting on a cool $1.38 million. Beats grinding and piking all day.

    I have a friend that bought $50,000 of it at $1.39 and is still sitting on it with this exact plan.

    There are lots of such stocks out there today that this could be a viable strategy.
  6. What happened to your FOREX trading? Let me guess:

    Couldn't make it work so it must have been the instrument you were trading. Therefore the logical solution is to switch instruments to become profitable. Am I in the ballpark?
  7. You mean buy and hold? What makes you think that strategy will work any better than it did in 2008?
  8. Apparently Mr. Increase has been non-committal for some time (Feb 2007 at least), a quick glance back at his first few posts have him trading the Russell, the YM, the ES, the NQ and some forex....and thats just the first page! :D

    Man going on 3 yrs with little focus, Increase, you gotta step your game up. Still on the SIM??



    Why don't you deposit $1000 real cash into your account & take it to $10,000?
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