Just daytrade you fool...

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  1. Part of my routine is day-trading. Study the daily chart, buy (or short) something and then take a profit when you see it, dont wait. Keep repeating throughout the day.

    The other part of my routine, a much smaller part, is buy and baghold. I have several equities that I buy and just hold.

    I can say without a doubt in my mind that daytrading is the way to go in this market. You dont want to hold any of this stuff. You dont know what news will come out overnight or over the weekend. This is the WEIRDEST market I have ever seen.

    Its a simple formula that has worked for me from the start of the year. Make it, then take it. Jump on that 15 dollar stock and dump when it gets to 15.15.

    Its time for amateurish daytrading once more and if you fool yourself and position trade then your just asking for it.

    My long-term portfolio is in the weeds, but Im up a ton daytrading. Join a firm, join swifty, join brite and make your holding time to about a minute or two. Thats it, then dump it on the masses like a champ. I do this 10-20 times a day and it works for me.
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  3. No MA.

    I cant find any bullish charts except for the ones you would never believe like America's Carmart (CRMT), Hawaiian Airlines (HA) and Havertys Furniture.

  4. America's Carmart will be at the forefront of the next great asset bubble.
  5. LOL... you aren't day trading you are scalping! and i serioulsy doubt it is working for so perfectly like 20 times a day. ANYone reading this should look at my posts in the past asn "SEE" that what i write is honest and helpful.

    Scalping will eat you alive in commmissions and you will not make money you will lose. YOur brain/fingers on mouse are not fast enough to spike the price a few cents to sell and vice versa.. you have no edge in a minuite or two .. yeah you will get lucky every once in awhile.. try holding for a profit target or loss target instead of a time frame.

    Thin of the olympics .. in the 100 yard dash .. they line up on sprinting blocks and every huindredth of a second counts... that is scalping!
    Now think of the 5,000 meter or whatever.. they stand around adn when the gun goes off they start a slow jog and pace themselves...

    the sprinter needs a very fast edge(scalping) the longer runner has time to strategize and his start (entry) doesn't matter nearly as much as the sprinter.

    DO NOT SCALP how in the hell people scalp and lie that they are faster than computers really cracks me up.. traders here need to understand that hedge funds and trade rooms have PHD lots of them that program "game" the system for trades from 5 secs to 5 minutes.. its legal and it adds liquidity so don't try and be a hero cuz your account will surely go to ZERO!
  6. What do you consider "unwinnable" scalping thresholds for time and/or points in ES?
  7. is this considered scalping?
  8. Nah, this is :eek:
  9. nice scalps :)
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