Just curious on how big is everyones account

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  1. If you would have kept everything in your account since you started trading--How much would you have now??:)
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    Lotsa cash and a huge tax liability
  4. Cant really compare account sizes between different types of traders.

    For the majority of daytraders/scalpers out there, they arnt able to generate the same returns with say a 1 milion dollar account as they are with a 100k account due to liquidity, esp if your lookign for only a few ticks at a time. Upper limit for most scalpers accounts i would put at 100-150k per index simply due spread/liquidity issues with trading large amts of contracts.

    Position traders can easily generate the same returns on say 100k account as a 1mill account due to the fact that inital slippage and commish doesnt really impact a pos trader that much and they can trade many indexes at a time.
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    Take your account and multiply it by 100.
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    If you know how to trade, you can tern a $5,000 account in to a $1,000,000. it can be done,
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    If you have a 4th grade education, you can learn how to spell turn.
  9. If you think that there is any correlation between spelling and successful trading you need to go back to the first grade education.

    PS: i used the button "Check Spelling".

  10. in fact teh lower IQ u have trading teh more successful u will be

    IQ is only imporatant when constructing trading strategies. When trading best scale ur IQ back to 70 or 80, be a vegtable and follow ur plan
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