Just confirmed, Chinese soldiers at border and production facilities halting shipment

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  1. I just confirmed through my buddies in China that soldiers are at the production facilities, border crossings and shipment points preventing metals from being exported out of China. Magnesium and Zinc seemed to be especially targeted. Mandatory checks are being done by soldiers and all metals are being stopped. The border is completely sealed and they will not let certain metals out of the country.

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    I think you need to be on a Pink Sheets board with this.
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    Got this from an article:

    Rare earths, in case you need a refresher, are a class of 17 elements used in everything from mobile phones, to hybrid car batteries, to flat-screen TVs, to guided missile systems, to wind turbines.

    If it involves cutting-edge modern technology, chances are it requires rare earths.

    So what’s the rub? Right now, China controls 93-97% of the world supply, depending on the source you choose to cite at your next cocktail party.

    Still, the Chinese decision to stop exports to the U.S. marks one of the strangest export bans in recent history.
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    like i said before-"they" will push all the buttons to create an inflation in US..destroying the dollar,raise Chinese currency,whatever they can pull out of middle east to create instability that would lead to raise of oil prices..now it's fucking rares...TV prices should finally move..just like the milk did..the message imo is very clear..don't fight the fed..they scared shittless of japaneese scenario we are following so far.. look at the TIP and gold..
    buy some TV's right now..just like we did in USSR in 90's..real estate,TV's,cars,fur and gold are common currency back then..barter baby...looks like US is on same path..
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  6. What are you talking about? There are right now Chinese soldiers searching trucks looking for magnesium. The borders are sealed and they have essentially banned the exportation of metal. How is this news for a pink sheet board? LOL. I forgot, this is ET where such things dont matter.

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    Son, Magnesium is not a Rare Earh Metal. niether is Zinc.

    Both Magnesium and Zinc are common metals e.g. Zinc, I think you will find That while China is the largest producer it is not the only one.
    Zinc http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_zinc_production

    I don't doubt that those nice cuddly Chinese will use their acknowledged Rare Earth Metals stranglehold to get what they want, I just doubt the veracity of your information/sources.
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    Every one forgets that the US has very large deposits of rare earths. Our mines were shut because the Chinese mined the things cheaper. Once the price rises, we'll mine it our selves.
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    ............but apparently not all of them in any quantity and I have seen estimates of 10 years to restart production (sounds high admittedly)
  10. If the Chinese have 80% of the world Magnesium and Zinc supply, then I think they can make it rare pretty quickly.

    How long would it take for the US to start producing Magnesium and Zinc again? It would take years to build and get started any new production plans...meanwhile, China has shuttered production leaving us with nothing.
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