just bought IOC and AAPL

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by executioner, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. that hurt. out of IOC with a loss. its too unpredictable.
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  2. mde2004


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  3. l2tradr


    Short IOL (the Cnd equivalent) for 2,500 shares. :p
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  4. that move took balls. none of my trades seem to be working out. its a tough enviornment. i was up and now i am down for the day.IOC and AAPL hurt me a bit. need to be a bit faster. anyway,great job!
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  5. l2tradr


    Not yet, breaking even at the moment. :( Looking for a 60 cent downside from here, but IOL is very illiquid.
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  6. jimcrist


    Yes, the key word there is A major technical area, not 6 technical areas:

    20 day MA at 39
    June low at 36.25
    50 day MA at 33.76
    May low at 27.5
    April low at 26.05
    200 day MA at 25.86

    After nearly a 50% drop, I think it's entitled to rebound a little now...
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    You may be right, but catching a falling knife is not wise usually.
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  8. Another big down day for IOC. Ouch -6
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  9. Donkell


    it was over 20.00 after hours.

    Company came out with a statement saying "selling is over done"

    I made a few bucks on 4k shares early in the day but I didn't buy until it broke 20. I sold because the company hadn't put out anything during the week's drop. I will watch it Mon and see which way to go, that is if Schwab's Cybertrader has any shorts. I don't think they did on Fri.

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  10. IOC up almost 4 this morning.
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