Just bought Euro

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jonergan, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. jonergan


    Buy now at 1.5652 stop 1.5602 limit 1.5690
  2. lindq


    Sorry to say, but you're on the wrong side of that trade.
  3. PaulRon


    i agree... eur/usd's going down
  4. Have you ever heard some people saying euro trash. They do not mean the people (and neither do I as euro people are fine people), but they mean the currency. You may be holding ...
  5. jonergan


    Well let's watch and see the outcome. This is why I post these trades on here for the feedback. I beg to differ on this trade. I believe we will see atleast a short rally in the Euro and then I hope to re-adjust my stop and limit orders as the market moves higher. As the market sits right now I have all the confidence in the world in my trade.
    Well obviously... I just bought it. Thanks for the feedback though.I would be interested in seeing why you feel it will fall.
  6. once again .. you post a trade and no real numbers.. "i'll move and adjust my stop etc.. thsi leaves the door open for you to say tomorrow after a 100 pip drop.. oh i reversed etc.. whatever.. dollar up over the next three years
  7. Euro is getting violent here.
  8. jenga?
  9. You may want to check your PM box. Cheers.
  10. jonergan


    Oh I am sorry. Are you looking for a trader? I guess I will log back in and post any changes now that I see you are concerned with where I take my profits. Is this guy serious???
    I am not trying to sell you anything so calm down. Give me your number and I will call if any changes are made. HAHA!
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