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  1. my last computer was a home made one that some one talked me into buying but it always had problems so i decided to buy a dell i5 inspiron desk top . The only problems its like a mini tower and i have ATI radeon hd5770 video card that has a 6 pin power inlet for power but the dell computer didn't came with one. And the power supply from the old one is too big to fit in the new tower. Any recommendations like adapters or if i have to buy a new power supply . Been trying to get through to dell but no connections .
  2. thanks . i will try that .
  3. If you're going to use the computer for trading only/mostly, you don't need such a powerful video card... better a dualhead with no fans.... then you won't have to cope with the 6-pin PCIE connector.
  4. But I need to run 3-4 monitors at a time
  5. I see the HD5770 has 2, DVI and 2, HDMI ports. That may mean it supports 4 monitors at once, but not necessarily. Do you know for sure?
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  7. it suppose to run 5 but it use some weird connector called mini display ports . I wouldnt buy this card again some times picture gets
    pix-elated and the adapters for the mini display ports are expensive
  8. one thing i should mention about these eyefinity multi monitors is that when buying a display port adapter it must be an active one and not passive. Active ones are about $25 while passive ones are $10 .
  9. Eyefinity was designed to run video games across 3 monitors.

    If you're running a trading rig, why not get TRADING VIDEO CARDS? You know... those DESIGNED to work in 4-8+ monitor rigs.

    Here's a suggestion.. Nvidia Quadro NVS Line... designed from day-1 to run multi-monitor... and have been doing so for more than 10 years.

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