just blew a giant score , distraction is a terrible thing

Discussion in 'Options' started by stock777, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. f%^&%ing news hit the tape on MF

    stock at 4.80, looks like no action yet.

    I put up the 5 call, which is offered at 10 cents , decent size

    watch for a minute, nothing happ, get distracted by the 1000 other things i watch, 5 min later the pos is $6 and the calls are worth a buck

    this games a bitch without automation
  2. swinger


    watch fewer stocks.
  3. 1) MF is a mofo.
    2) Don't let ten cents stand between you and prosperity next time.
  4. Stop posting intraday on ET then genious :)

  5. thats what I was thinking..... 777 take responsibility dont be a turd as usuall
  6. Sorry for your loss...

    Stay focused and reduce the distractions around you as much as possible.

    Don't surf for p#rn, be distracted by the dog barking or the g/f b#tching. Close the door and trade in solitude.

    Even taking a few seconds to look at the view out the window will take a few ticks away from your trade... I've been there.
  7. Not blaming the scummy short sellers this time? I'm shocked.
  8. sorry dude.....but.....you got distracted by what?
  9. ...genius...
  10. (MF)Mirus Futures news came out?..please what was it...
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