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Discussion in 'Politics' started by tampa, Dec 8, 2002.

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    Well Subliminal, I see you have issued your own challenge in the Murrey Math thread. The only thing more ridiculous than the “magic numbers” crowd is your assertion that A) you are a trader, and B) you actually have a valid system!

    By your own admission, you are a pervert who dresses in women’s clothing, and spies on his neighbors with a telescope.

    The Gann, Murrey, and Lucky Charms crowd are a hoot, but next to you, these guys look like towers of integrity. So what has your panties in a waddle tonight, big boy? Could it be that your stilettos are pinching your feet, and have you in foul humor?

    Who’s next on your list to torment – margo trader?
  2. This is not the first time you have tried taunting me into a public debate. Do you honestly think that traders are interested in my dressing habits? My stilettos are custom made Italian jobs and are very comfortable. Speaking of which, has the power to your house been restored or are you still peddling furiously? If your "short skirts" fail, there's always the US Olympic Bicycling Team.
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    I couldn't agree more - traders are not interested in how you dress. That's why I brought it up - your following consists of anything BUT traders.

    And yes the power company has turned the service back on - the local blood bank pays very well down here - thanx for thinking about me.

    Are you still living at St. Anthoney's? How's the soup?
  4. Since you started pilfering the charity boxes, we've been on war rations, and that's not ordinary war rations but war rations for the homeless. The broadband's been cut from our room - yes, there are other ET'ers here, but enough about 40yotrader - and I've got to trundle down to the local library now. Just return the money already or at least stop the pilfering.
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    I believe that it is written: The Lord helps those who help themselves. If they leave money hanging around, I'm gonna help myself to it.

    I see that the "magic numbers" crowd have ignored your so called challenge - do you know why? Because you're not one of us, that's why. Your "Soup on my pants", and "Shoot from my lip" systems are a joke.

    But you do look cute in a skirt and heels...
  6. So you think that your plagiarized systems qualify you as a trader? A newborn tadpole displays more originality than you, and is certainly less fickle - you change systems with the same frequency that I change garter belts. Oh, and thanks to you there's no more soup on my pants.
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  8. You moron - I'd kill for those conditions.
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    Oh that was real funny - ha ha ha.

    Why don't you ask margo trader to teach you how to trade - or at least get some tips on how to apply lipstick properly...
  10. Your ploy of changing the subject will be seen for what it is. Speaking of margo, there is a margo living here but she strictly trades fundamentals only.
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