Just because I am paranoid…

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Miki, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Miki


    doesn’t mean they are not after me.

    I am long Dow. Bid/Ask at **72 and**77.
    My stop is at **66 (the trigger is: two contracts at **66 based on last price).

    Without any Bid movement two lonely contracts show on tape at *66 and trigger my stop.
    The interesting thing is that the tape doesn’t show my triggered sale (why: broker fishing for stops?).

    a) My broke is not as pure as a driven snow.
    b) Seek the nearest psychiatrist
    c) Shit happens – forget aboud id (using Mickey “Blue Eyes” accent)

    Any ideas?
  2. specialist. OR, could that be broker thing executed off the floor? WOW, a whole new realm of scam.
  3. Are DOW futures a specialist market? I thought those were on the CBOT. Anyway, with the DOW futures not yet as liquid, it was a stop fishing thing.

    I remember years ago I was long some deep in the money options, and had a stop in place. "Amazingly", the market moved there only long enough to hit those stops and then back up. My options were the only volume. At least I had the "pleasure" of seeing the bid move.

    For a volume-starved contract like the DOW, maybe those stops are better kept in your head.
  4. Miki


    That’s right, inandlong, Dow futures are on the CBOT.

    The implication that my OCA stops (held at the broker’s end) are being manipulated by my broker scares the living shit out of me.
  5. Wow, Miki, that does suck. It is so crappy out there anymore ....

    Sometimes, I don't even want to play. What happened to integrity?
  6. o, I thought you meant DOW, as in Dow Chemical.
  7. corvus


    Who's your broker, Miki?
  8. Miki


    corvus, I would like to check some things out first and get a second opinion.
  9. You need to look at T&S from the official source which is CBOT.
    Streaming "T&S" from your datafeed is not the right thing to look at.
  10. Miki


    FX_Trader, are you saying that my eSignal’s tick had gone missing?

    How dare you, Sir! It’s sacrilege! (kneeling in front of the alter of his favourite date feed provider)
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