Just askin'. How can you be Sure Obama was born in the U.S.?

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  1. Maybe he WAS born in Hawaii... maybe Kenya, as some have alleged.

    Even if Hawaii, the world needs to see more of his records. It has been alleged that he stated his citizenship as Indonesian(?) to receive state educations funds. If he was born in Hawaii but later gave up his citizenship for the school money, then even if he reapplied for US citizenship, he could then only be a "naturalized citizen"... like Arnold... and also ineligible to be POTUS.
  2. Its not for state politicians to decide.The Constitution says Congress certifies elections ,and they did so in Obama's case

    Congress certified the election.A Supreme Court Justice swore him in.Every federal court,a military court and the Supreme Court has thrown out every case regarding this matter.

    I am no longer a Obama supporter,but this is a ridiculous issue from mostly a bunch of racists who cant stand seeing a black man in The White House imo
  3. The guy has done a lot to destroy our nation.
    Now they want to bring out the birth certificate crap! [​IMG]
  4. So now you admit you're a racist? [​IMG]

  5. What a towering giant Barack is ....

    he's black, not even born in the USA, yet makes it to the Presidency. Jeez, someone ought to write a book about ulta-extraordinary accomplishments ....

    I'll tell you clowns what would impress me even more than I'm already impressed .....

    if it turns out he's ay-rab, masterminded 911, caused the Oct07 crash singlehandedly and most importantly, that 5 minutes before Wilbur posted this thread, Obama pulled his cock out of Wilbur's ass, leaving a trail of soot and chimney dust camouflaging Willy's 2-moon juncton.
  6. No,I voted for Obama and I would vote for another black man or women if I believed they would stand up to Republicans

    Depending on who the GOP nominates and since it seems like no credible candidate from the left is going to challenge him I will probably have to hold my nose and vote for Obama again
  7. Barry caved in to Republicans for the first time in 2 years, and you're pissed at him? You poor baby. [​IMG]
  8. He also caved on the public option.This is also the second or third time he has lashed out at the base that choose him over Hilary and helped him become President
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