Just arrived in Sydney, Australia

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by nravo, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. nravo


    Wondering if there are any traders or anything here in town.
  2. You migrating or just visiting?
  3. nravo


    Here for two years, unlikely it would be much longer. Wife took a job over here. I get to take two years off, maybe work on my trading (premium selling, mostly) or explore starting a small fund or something trading related. Should have a work visa in a couple weeks.
  4. sp3298622


    yep in sydney, you're one day late for australia day, missed all the fireworks.

    check pm as well.

  5. Sydney too.

    Trade Emini's.
  6. What a question! You haven't noticed the Kangaroos hopping down the city streets?

  7. What do you think people do down here? The city has 5 million people and is a major financial centre for the region so yeah you might find a trader or two down here. Where are you from in the states mate?

  8. nravo


    South Florida; we took a reassignment for two years, so I thought I might spend my time on trading, which had been more of a sidelight. (Former financial journo/PR/professor.)